Work at Home Guide

 Working from Home

Working from home is very common in today’s society. There are many legitimate companies out there hiring individuals to work from home which can be beneficial for the employer and employee.

Employees can skip the commute while companies cut some overhead expenses. Working from home can be challenging and not as easy as one would think. It takes self-discipline, hard work, and dedication to successfully work from home.

If it sounds too good to be true more than likely it is! Don’t fall for “you can make $100/hr” without experience, training, or education. Most work at home jobs require you to have a minimum of a high school diploma/GED. Some companies require you to work only from your home and on a set schedule while others allow you to work a flexible schedule at any location of your choice. Jobs that require you to be on the phone generally insist you have a work area in your home that is closed off and free of distractions and background noise.

3 Misconceptions About Working at Home
1. It’s not consider a REAL job
2. You can make $100/hr (without experience or education)
3. You can start right away without any requirements

Reasons People Choose to Telecommute
To avoid the commute
Lack of transportation
Flexible schedule
Enjoy the freedom to work at home/anywhere else
Having a disability that limits their mobility

Common Terms When Searching for Work at Home Job
Work at home, Working at home
Work from home, Working from home
Telecommute, Telecommuter, Telecommuting
Remote, Remotely
Your home office
Virtual, Virtually
Freelance, Freelancer
Work anywhere in the world, Work anywhere in the US

Using these terms when searching employment can bring up scam opportunities as well because scammers use these terms also. Please remember to use your best judgement. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

5 Benefits of Working at Home
1. No commute
2. No dress code
3. Relax, stress-free environment
4. More family time
5. Saving money on expenses such as gas, vehicle maintenance, and work attire

Working from home can be very rewarding. There’s nothing like being able to work in the comfort of your home or anywhere else you choose (per company). However, sometimes I do miss the face-to-face interaction.

Landing a Work at Home Job

Applying to a home-based job is pretty much the same as applying to any local job. You start by filling out of the application/resume, next you may receive a follow-up email or call from the employer (based on the company), then a phone or Skype interview may be requested.

Before getting hired you may be required to pass a test or go through virtual training. However, some companies will require you to come on-site for an interview or training before starting to work from home.

When applying for a work at home job you want to provide a stellar resume and cover letter. You want to stand out from the rest by convincing the employer why you would be a good fit for the position. With a work from home job you are competing against hundreds of applicants (all over the US/world) as opposed to a local job which only get applicants from their surrounding area.

Make sure to always follow the directions that are listed in a job posting. Not following the directions to apply will force employers to trash your resume/application because they will not feel confident in hiring you to do a job if you can’t follow the steps in applying.

When working at home communicating with your employer can be through email, messaging, calls, video conferencing, etc. Many people who work from home have more than one job. It is possible if the company and your schedule allows you to.

Equipment You May Need to Work at Home
* Desktop computer/Laptop with internet connection
*Landline phone/cell phone
*Home office/room

Some companies do provide equipment such as, desktop computer/laptop, phone, and may also give you a stipend for your internet and phone bill.

IC Position or Employee Position

You may get hired as an IC (Independent Contractor) or an employee. Some positions offer benefits such as 401(k), health insurance, vacation pay, etc.

IC (Independent Contractor)/Self-Employed

When hired as an independent contractor you are not subject to tax withholding. The company does not withhold taxes so you receive all earning without any tax deduction however, you are responsible for paying taxes on your own. Typically there are no benefits with an IC position.


When hired as a employee your employer is with taxes from your salary. Depending on the job position you may be offered benefits.

Non-Phone Jobs or Phone Jobs

Non-phone jobs

Jobs that do not entail you to be on the phone while working. These positions typically require a desktop computer/laptop with internet connection.

Phone jobs

Jobs that require you to be on the phone while working. The most common phone positions are the ones in customer service. Usually you will need to have an office space in your home that includes a desk, desktop computer, and a land line phone (unless company uses a computer based phone system).

Working from Home with Kids

At first, my main purpose for wanting to work from home was to be home with my kids. With some jobs (mainly phone jobs) it will be necessary to have a caretaker in the home watching your under age child while working because of the no background noise policy. Working 3rd shift are while the kids are in school could be an option as well.

A non-phone job could be easier to do when you have kids in the same area as your work space. Some jobs may give you the flexibility to complete the work anytime during that day within a certain time frame. That flexibility will allow you to schedule your work hours how you see fit. Although, there are some that have a set schedule and would be necessary for a little one to be watched by someone else while you are working.

Be Aware of Scammers

The job leads that are posted daily on the Home page are researched by me. I try to bring you legit scam free job leads but somehow scammers will try and sneak their way through the cracks. Be aware of scammers that pose as legit companies by using their name and job listing to attract potential victims. They may try to get you with a fake position which involves cashing checks (check cashing scheme) or require you to send money before working for them.

Companies that are hiring you as an employee or IC shouldn’t ask you to pay in order to work for them. Although, there are very few legitimate companies that will require you to pay for a background check. If you are questioning the legitimacy of a company please do a thorough research and don’t hesitate to contact me for a second opinion. A professional website, business address, and a contact number are at the top of the checklist when verifying a company for legitimacy.

Don’t Give Up, Be Persistent!

Looking for a work at home job can become frustrating. Companies sometimes get swamp with applicants so the process can take a little longer than a local job. Don’t get discourage if you don’t hear back right away or ever.

Even if you get turned down, look at it as “God has something bigger and better in store for me”. It can take a while for you to find that job you really want but don’t give up, be persistent!